Used HEUFT VATO deck oven

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Used HEUFT VATO deck oven


Producer HEUFT
Oven type VATO
Model VATO 524.
Level dimensions 1625×2400 mm
Levels number 10 pull-out hearths with loader Concord
Deck height (≠usable height) 200 mm
Baking surface 40 m2
Oven width 2100 mm
Oven depth 3480+1300 mm
Oven height 3920 mm (4300 mm) 5600 mm with steam hood
Control Touch- Screen
Place of control Right side, on the moving arm
Secondary circuit 4 temperature groups: 3,3,2,2
Steam hood with fan Yes
Fan type 2x radial 40m3/h
Heat exchanger power 240 kW
Oil 750L
Other 10xTurbo, 1 x Concord loader, stationary for unloading/loading entire Concord hearths „ERKA” No. 50090, Baujahr 02/06

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